Sunday, November 14, 2010

A moment of inspiration

Late after return from a dear friend's birthday party, a moment of inspiration just happened. I though I should seize it!

Lets see, the "carnet" could also help, but tonight I decided with myself to use that for more private notes, at least if I didn't feel like or was not able to write anything on the blog; but thankfully this is not one of those moments!

The cause of inspiration will be mainly carnet-fit (for now!) but I can let the effects out here as long as my battery allows this late.

I feel like I have absorbed enough heat for a while and it's now time to emit (using the metaphor of the dark stone and fire),  but what can cause this sudden shift from the state of absorbance to incandescence? the muse effect will hopefully be explored in the carnet ;-) but of course the vibrant energy of the group of the semi-tribal gathering was also inspiring.

The other topic of discussion is so independent that I have to write it in another post with a subject title for discussion. It is an issue that was discussed in the party that had a lot of potential and was not explored or discussed sufficiently. Well it was a party after all! And if you ask me a really nice one, with lots of dearly missed friends to catch up with...

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